In a society that promotes efficiency, rapidity, and flexibility, ignorance of one's rights is the gateway to economic, social, and cultural exclusion. Such exclusion increases one's vulnerability to victimization and violence.Though even established citizens are vulnerable when ignorant of their rights, migrants-- both new arrivals and those of the second, or third generation, are even more susceptible to victimization when living in precarious circumstances. L'Association pour la Promotion des Droits Humains (APDH) works to support migrant populations through education, orientation, and legal support, drawing upon the belief that the knowledge of one's rights is fundamental to the realization of a safe and happy life.

APDH is committed to the cultivation of a society that allows each individual-- across life stages and educational backgrounds-- to acquire the tools and values that are necessary for a full and freely chosen life. Individuals are positively influenced by education and democratic citizenship : through education, the individual cultivates the sagacity to turn a critical eye to their own actions and behaviors, and to extend this critical reflection to the function of society-- further promoting economically, culturally, and politically sovereign behavior. Thus, the goal of APDH is one of social participation and integration in the hopes that each individual may become a full citizen-- in every sense of the word.

APDH engages actively in the life of the city, striving to ensure accessible education and human rights training for all. By promoting values and behaviors that are based in a deep respect for human rights, APDH supports vulnerable populations in the promotion of a culture of non-violence and peace, preserving the dignity of the greater Genevan community.


« [...] to instruct is to construct »   Victor Hugo